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Elizabeth & Aurelien. Greece, Crete



“From the moment of our civil marriage in december, 2016 we started to plan this day, 21.08.2917. People say “Wedding is the first great project of the couple”. I cannot agree more. The distances between UAE and Greece made this task even harder for us. I am perfectionist in a way and being not able to control the process on the spot left me in many doubts: will wedding planner understand what exactly I want? will the cake be tasty? will the weather be nice? will all the people come? who will be responsible for this, that and those things… I have to admit I was under pressure (like The Queen sing). I actually was really nervous. But I had my husband beside me. He always could find right words and decisions to make sure that I will be happy with the result. And indeed I was! The team of wedding planner was very experienced. I’ve seen so many details they added without me knowing, but which complemented the overall image of the wedding perfectly. They knew exactly how to behave in all sort of situations which were coming out of our control. I had a great photographer who is my good friend as well. The person whose relaxed attitude helped me to look wonderful on all the shots and moreover who is dancing like he owns the dance-floor :)) And 99% of the wedding is our guests. That’s why we invited the closest people with whom you can be funny, sentimental, weird or drunk and still be happy and careless. I think I’ve got my dream wedding thanks to the perfect collaboration of our with Aurelien planning and Agency and Konstantin professional job. Judging by the pictures I had a lot of fun Brides will not let me lie during the wedding you have so many emotions that half of the show just disappears from the memory. I actually don’t remember the taste of the cake even though was really nervous about it. This was incredible day seeing all those people from all over the world coming on this small island just for our wedding. I loved it and will keep it in the memory for all my life!”

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