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Germany, Lake Königssee

It is surely one of the most beautiful lakes in the world: Lake Königssee in the Berchtesgaden region. With its magical location in the Bavarian mountains, it is a real longed-for destination, as a boat ride on the Königssee is one of the finest natural experiences in Bavaria.

Boat rides depart on their round trips from the Schönau district of Königssee. In order to preserve the perfect water quality of the lake, which reaches depths of up to 190 metres, only boats with electric motors are used. Boatsmen are only too happy to play a melody on the trumpet to demonstrate the famous echo wall to visitors during the trip. As the music bounces back off the rocks a few seconds after being played, you are sure to get goose bumps.

The small pilgrimage church of St Bartholomä is situated on a peninsula in Lake Königssee. Thanks to its red onion towers, it can be recognised from afar. The impressive Watzmann panorama rises behind the church. There is also a pub with a beer garden adjacent to the church. Here you can enjoy freshly caught fish from the lake and can relax with a cool beer.

Continue by boat to the end of the lake and disembark at the jetty to enjoy a short walk to another natural paradise: the Obersee. This tarn is only around one tenth of the size of Lake Königssee, but it is no less impressive.

At the end of the valley you will meet the Röthbachfall. Spanning some 470 metres, it is the tallest waterfall in Germany. This highlight is also easily accessible via a short walk around the Obersee and then past the Fischunkenalm, which is an ideal stop-off point.

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